I truly despise labels, especially as they are applied to people. I do not fit into a pigeon hole. I suspect that you do not either. We are all unique, amazing, dynamic and fluid, ever changing and always learning and growing.

When asked if I am a vegan I usually respond with, "it depends on which day and under what circumstances?"

I think of myself as a "Conscientious Eater", someone who eats consciously (in-the-moment, while paying attention to what their body needs) as well as someone who "makes the best possible choice for them in that particular circumstance in that particular moment". You can quote me on that last one.


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I believe the very first step is to clean up your diet. That requires that you drastically reduce and eventually eliminate food-like products that are destructive to your health. Specifically: Processed white sugar, processed white flour, and processed white pasta, collectively referred to as White Death. Melodramatic? Perhaps ... but true. Also on the hit list should be any heated fat. Heat turns even healthy fats into the molecular equivalent of a Trans-Fat.

Rather we should focus on live fresh foods that are as close to their natural state as possible. I rather like the quote, "If it doesn't grow in the ground, on a tree or a bush, or doesn't have a face ... then Do NOT Eat It!."

So ... who defines who the real vegetarians are? Are you less of a vegetarian because you eat dairy, eggs, or fish? My answer is "no" but others may say differently. Either way, you have to start the transition somewhere and to help you design a plant-based eating plan that works best for you, here are 10 different types of vegetarian diets that you can adopt to assist you with achieving your goals:

Remember, which ever path you take to regain your health it is your choice and yours alone. Just remember to eat a healthy, diverse range of fruits, vegetables, and plant based proteins to support your smart and new decision to regain your health and vitality.