Classes & Services

Nutritional Boot Camp (NBC)

NBC is an introduction to eating healthier foods. We explore many basic issues such as goal setting, hydration, macro, micro and phyto-nutrients, reading labels, an introduction to Nutritional plans, toxins in our food, enzymes, Candida, as well as what to avoid and what to focus on for optimal health. There will be handouts, samples and lots of recipes to get you started on your path to creating a healthier you.

Personal Wellness Coaching

Sick & Tired of feeling Sick & Tired? Need an intensive approach to get you on your path? Let us perform a lifestyle assessment, food log review, pantry cleanse ... and more, to help you to customize a nutritional program to meet your personal goals.

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) a.k.a. Tapping

EFT is an amazing energy technique that allows you to tap into deep emotional and energy blocks that are standing in the way of achieving your goals and being the best you can be. I will work with you to identify the issues and help you clear them using EFT.

Monthly Plant-Based RAW 'N Green POT LUCK

We meet monthly to share recipes, knowledge, successes, challenges and fellowship in a safe environment.
Contact us for date and location of the next RAW 'N Green POT LUCK

Un-cooking Classes

Introduction to the tools and techniques used to create RAW foods that mimic the taste and texture of favourite foods, while providing optimal nutrition choices.

Introduction to Clean Eating

An evening focussed on Clean Eating principles, first used by Body Builders, and how they can benefit you on your journey.

Introduction to a Vegetarian/Vegan Foods Lifestyle

An evening focussed on Vegetarian foods and how they can benefit you on your journey to health and wellness.

Introduction to a RAW Foods Lifestyle

An evening focussed on RAW live foods and how they can benefit you on your journey to health and wellness.

Introduction to an Alkalarian Lifestyle

An evening focussed on balancing your pH through diet and lifestyle changes. Start Now ... Get Healthy!

Introduction to Eating Green for Fitness

An evening focussed on how to incorporate RAW Green foods into your nutritional plan for fitness.

Overcoming Your Yeasty Beasties: Eliminating a Candida Overgrowth

An evening focussed on how to elminate a Candida (Yeast) overgrowth from your system.

Introduction to Healing Chronic Disease Through an Anti-Inflamatory Diet

An evening focussed on healing yourself through an elimination and anti-inflamatory diet. Find out what foods are causing your symptoms and what you can do about it.

Introduction to EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique)

An evening class designed to give the student the basic skills needed to get started with EFT. Gain control of your emotional responses and move forward in your life with strength and courage.

Reiki Sessions

Personal Reiki Treatments are available. Judy is a Certified Master in Usui and Celtic Reiki. She uses Reiki Drumming, aromatherapy and crystals in her treatments.

Speaking Engagements

Judy is available to speak to your group regarding optimal nutrition, Tapping, wellness, female empowerment/sisterhood and Law of Attraction.

Contact Us for details.