Nutritional Boot Camp

Is this you? ...

Are you frustrated with all the confusing information about nutrition? Just when you think you know how to eat right, you read something else that makes you feel like you will never understand all this. It is just TOO CONFUSING! One expert says one thing and another immediately contradicts them. How are you supposed to know what to believe? How is the average person supposed to know what to do, if they don't want to spend years studying nutrition?

Do you just want to feel better, have more energy and perhaps get your weight to where you want it? Perhaps you could use a little guidance, support and accountability?

Have you spent lots of time and money at the gym, feeling ravenous on diets, all while trying to eat less and exercise more? Only to have all your progress reverse as soon as you return to normal eating.

Boy have I been there!!!

My Story - The Beginning

Thirty years ago my son was diagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). I didn't have a clue what that was. I just knew that I had recently walked out of my very first parent teacher meeting, where his lovely grandmotherly grade one teacher, Mrs. Kaiser, said ... "I've been teaching for over 25 years and your child is the most EVIL child I have ever taught. I was stunned. Soon after we received the diagnoses of ADHD.

I was a good girl and did what the doctor said. We had him on Ritalin for all of five days. The child he became on that medicine was not my son. So I did what I always do. I researched! This was way before the Internet. I visited ever library and bookstore in Halifax and Dartmouth, including those at the Universities. I found Dr. Feingold and his Feingold Program. On this elimination diet we removed every possible reactive agent. This meant ALL foods containing, dairy, eggs, wheat, artificial preservatives, colours, flavours and additives were off the table. Literally.

This was not an easy task. I didn't know what a macro-nutrient was or how to read a nutrition label or an ingredient list. It took me three long frustrating hours to buy $25 worth of food my son could eat. I came out of that store hopping mad. Why was there so much food targeted at children that was actually harming them. Where was the government oversight? How could the owners of the grocery store possibly allow that poison on the shelves? I had come to realize that it was up to me to advocate for the health of my family.

This was also the first time I realized that what we choose to put in our bodies directly effects our physical and mental health. Previously, I just chose what tasted good, and tried to follow the Canada Food Guide (with a few additional treats), just like I was taught in Home Economics. I believed that the cereal I was feeding my child was good for him. The box said it was and they wouldn't lie to me. Boy was I wrong.

Once we got our son on the elimination diet all his symptoms went away in less than two weeks. When we started adding foods back into his diet we learned that he reacted, almost immediately, to red & yellow food colouring, and artificial flavours and preservatives. Subsequent research revealed that the food colours are coal tar derivatives that would now be banned, but have been grandfathered-in to bypass the protections that I had put so much faith in. There are far too many cases of this ... including white sugar!

My diagnosis of breast cancer further fueled my research and diet in a different direction as did my husbands 20+ year battle with Multiple Sclerosis and my life-long struggle with Chronic Depression.

You see ... part of the nutritional confusion comes down to Your WHY? Your WHY is the reason you are changing your way of eating. Depending on your WHY nightshades (potatoes, tomatoes, peppers etc) might not work for you. Or your WHY may be wanting to prevent or eliminate type two diabetes, in that case you need to choose foods that reverse your insulin resistance and heal your body. There are so many WHYs!

What is the Solution

The first step is to learn the basics. What are macro-nutrients, micro-nutrients and phyto-nutrients. Learn to read labels, know how your food is created. Learn how your body uses food and why some foods are better than others. Learn to make the best choice possible for your WHY. With all my research I have discovered that there is a baseline of nutritional knowledge that we all need to know.

Nutritional Boot Camp

The knowledge taught in Nutritional Boot Camp is common to ALL our WHYs!

This baseline knowledge is contained in my month long Nutritional Boot Camp! Everything you need to know to get you started on a road to wellness. It is presented in a simple step by step roadmap to health. Each step builds upon the ones before it. This course is a beginner to intermediate level.

Even those of you who think they know about nutrition, like I did, may be surprised that the new research says something very different.

Next Steps ...

Nutritional Boot Camp starts as soon as you register and includes:

  1. ~ 20 videos. Over 15 HOURS of training!
  2. ~ 20+ easy to make healthy recipes, to give you a starting point with your upgraded way of eating
  3. ~ Handouts containing detailed information on the topics covered.
  4. ~ Group discussion in the FB group RAW 'N Green Nutritional Boot Camp
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