Clean Eating

The "Clean Eating" movement arose from the needs of the competitive body building community. They were among the very first to recognise the hazardous affects a diet consisting of highly processed foods, full of additives and other 'unclean food-like substances'.

Tosca Reno is the poster girl for the movement. She has written a number of books and cookbooks on the subject. She also writes for many publications.


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The generally accepted definition of "Clean Eating" goes something like this:

Clean Eating is the plan that I suggest that people start with. It gives you a great basis upon which to build your new healthier self. Each of the other plans I teach build upon these basics.

Unprocessed, natural state foods have a different taste than frozen and processed foods. Your taste buds will go through an adjustment period. Although it is less expensive to eat clean and nutritious foods, it does require more time in the kitchen to plan and cook your meals.

Give yourself the time to reaquaint yourself with your food - I promise you, your body will LOVE you and you will reap the long term benefits!