Ready To Change Your Life?

Meet Coach Judy

Judy is Certified in many disciplines: RAW-Food & Whole-Food Nutrition, Whole Food Plant-based Chef, EFT Practitioner and much more.

Judy uses these tools to help you turn over a new leaf ... resulting in optimal nutrition, healthy habits and a positive state of mind; Empowering you to make excellent choices and achieve a balance of body - mind - spirit.

Wellness Coaching

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I can speak to your group, large or small. I have presented empowerment topics at Seniors Homes, Girl Guides Leadership Retreat, Schools, Weight Loss Groups, Local Businesses and Women's Groups.

These talks are customized to your group's needs and can cover from one to four hours.
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ONLINE Nutritional Boot Camp Wellness Challenge - NOW FREE!

I am offering an ONLINE Nutritional Boot Camp Wellness Challenge.
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Covid-19 Response: Nutritional BootCamp Full Access - FREE!

As we follow the instructions of our public health officials and physically distance ourselves from others, during this unprecidended crisis, I am offering an opportunity to focus on a positive action. An opportunity to improve your health and lifestyle as we are all sequestered in our homes.

I find that during times of stress and challenge, I do much better when I can take action. I am offering you all the opportunity to do just that, from the comfort of your home.

I am making access to my Nutritional Boot Camp totally FREE. If you find the information useful and can afford to make a donation, I would appreciate it. As a small business owner, I am not currently covered by any of the supports being offered by the Federal Government.

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